Fellowship Program

Types of Fellowships  

The Section of Family Law Fellowship Program is consists of two kinds of fellowships:

  1. Diversity Fellowship
    This fellowship is awarded to diverse family lawyers with a proven interest in family law who meet the diversity criteria identified in the Section's Diveristy plan and have demonstrated financial need.

  2.  Access to Justice Fellowship
    This fellowship is awarded to family lawyers working in legal services or non-profit legal organizations whose work centers around providing free or low cost family legal services to individuals in traditionally underserved diverse communities and have demonstratied financial need.

Goals of the Family Law Fellowship Program

  1. Increase active FLS participation by diverse family lawyers;

  2. Expand active FLS participation by family lawyers providing access to justive to clients in traditionally underserved diverse communities;

  3. Identify and mentor future FLS leaders of diverse backgrounds;

  4. Introduce Fellows to the benefits and resources of the FLS membership and participation;

  5. Facilitate the opportunity for the Fellows to contribute to the FLS in a way that is meaningful to themselves and their practices;

  6. Create an ongoing community of Family Law Fellows who continue long, rewarding relationships with the FLS. 

2020-2022 Fellowship Program

There are five (5) available fellowship spots available for the 2020-2022 class of FLS Fellows.

Applications are due by 11:59pm CT on Friday, May 15, 2020.  Please send your completed application to Cynthia.Swan@americanbar.org.

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Meet the Family Law Fellows

Spotlight: 2018-2020 Family Law Fellows & Mentors

Maleaha Brown (Mentors: Thad Woody & Tracy Miller)

Psonya Hackett (Mentors: Lori Colbert & Sarah White)

Chris Kung (Mentors: Bobbie Batley & Nicholas Hite)

Elizabeth Ortiz (Mentors: Andrea Cozza & Annie Martinez)

Benjamin Schenker (Mentors: Anne Marie Jackson & Tracy Miller)

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