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August 26, 2021

The ABA Family Law Section Charitable Fund Billable Hour Campaign

This year we are kicking off a new “Hourly Billing Rate Fundraising Drive” campaign to raise money for the ABA Family Law Section Charitable Fund.   We are asking each and every Section Member to donate the monetary equivalent of one (1) billable hour of your time to support the FLS Charitable Fund.  If you do not charge hourly for your time, you can still make a donation in any dollar amount.

As most of you know, donations to our Charitable Fund enable the Section of Family Law to support programs and initiatives which:

  1. Enhance Diversity and Inclusion in the Profession
  2. Promote Access to Justice
  3. Support Public Service Project and Educational Endeavors
  4. Recognize Outstanding Family Lawyers who are helping people when they need it the most

We have set a goal of $30,000 to raise for this year. I hope you will join me in reaching this goal. Our only request is that you make a tax deductible charitable donation of ONE HOUR of your billing rate.   As I embark on my year as chair of our section, this is truly one of my most important goals for my term.  Walt Disney once said “A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent to getting there.  With enough effort, he may achieve it.  Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. ”  It’s my hope that you will join me doing your part to help us reach this goal.   The good work that our section does for families and children in the communities in which we serve will only increase with your commitment and dedication to this worthwhile campaign. 

We want you to know just some of the things that your tax deductible donation to the ABA Family Law Section Charitable Fund will support:

  • FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM: One of the major ways that the Charitable Fund proceeds are used is to support our Fellowship program.  This program is open to all Family Law attorneys who demonstrate financial need and (1) meet diversity criteria, or (2) work in legal services or non-profit legal organizations whose work centers around providing free or low-cost family legal services to individuals in traditionally underserved, diverse communities.  The Fellowships allow these attorneys to become involved in our Section by providing travel funds to attend meetings and by providing mentorship to help guide them in in their practice as well as through section involvement.
  • PRO BONO SERVICE: The Charitable Fund also supports the Jean Crowe Pro Bono Award.  Each year the Section chooses a recipient of the award who has demonstrated outstanding and sustained achievements by offering services on a pro bono basis, or who promotes organizations that provide legal services to low income and/or under-represented populations. 
  • LAW STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP: The Charitable Fund is used to fund the Howard C. Schwab Essay Contest which is a contest held annually to stimulate curiosity and investigation into the field of Family Law.  All law students are encouraged to enter and the charitable fund supports scholarships for these deserving student winners. 
  • SERVICE AND COMMITMENT:  The Charitable Fund supports our Allen Gary Palmer Excellence in Service and Commitment Award.  This Award is in remembrance of former Section Member and Leader, Allen G. Palmer.  The recipient of this Award is either a second year Fellow or former Fellow who has shown commitment to the Section.
  • SERVICE PROJECTS:   In addition to all of the above, the Charitable Fund allows us to participate in service projects during our two CLE conferences each year.  These projects are planned, designed, and funded in order to give back to the communities and worthy charities that provide services to families and children in the cities we visit during our conference.  In addition, a portion of our Charitable Fund is also used to donate to organizations in the cities where we hold our Fall and Spring conferences.  

Remember, all donations to the ABA Family Law Section Charitable Fund are tax deductible.  Each and every dollar you give will come exclusively to the Family Law Section’s Charitable Fund.   After you make your donation you will receive documentation allowing these donations to be deducted as a charitable donation.  

Making the donation is easy.  You have two options:

Mail a Check:

  • Make Check payable to: ABA Fund for Justice and Education
  • Put “Family Law Section Billable Hour Campaign” on your memo line
  • Mail your donation to:
    American Bar Association
    Fund for Justice and Education
    321 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60654

Pay by Credit Card:

Your gift, equal to one (1) billable hour that you charge for your time, will make a tremendous difference in the lives of families and children across the country.  With your help, our Charitable Fund can continue to promote diversity, equity and justice.  We hope that you will help us and make a donation to the ABA Family Law Section Charitable Fund.  Thank you for your support.

Very truly yours,

Candace B. Peeples
Chair, ABA Family Law Section