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Donations to our Charitable Fund enable our Section to enhance diversity and inclusion in the profession.  The Fund is also intended to promote access to justice, support our public service projects and education and recognize outstanding family lawyers helping people when they need help the most. 

In addition to giving back to the community through service projects, a portion of our Fund is used to donate to organizations in cities where we hold our Fall and Spring conferences.

Please consider donating today.

Hear from Current and Previous Fellows

"The FLS Fellowship was my first introduction to the American Bar Association as a licensed attorney. The two-year fellowship gave the opportunity to learn about the ABA, the FLS and gave me the confidence and knowledge to explore other leadership opportunities once my time as a fellow ended."

Ben Aguilar, Fellow 2014-2016

"Not only did the program afford me the opportunity to become very involved in the Section, including, ultimately, serving as Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee, but I have been fortunate to meet a number of family law practitioners from all across the world, which has made for an, overall, amazing experience."

Brandes Ash, Fellow 2014-2016

"As a legal aid attorney, my options are typically limited in the conferences that I can attend based on our funding. Through the Section’s Fellowship program, I've had the opportunity to attend 4 CLE conferences where I was introduced to a community of legal aid family law attorneys across the nation. Additionally, the Fellowship program encourages active participation and leadership within the Section."

Maleaha Brown, Fellow 2018-2020

"My skill and knowledge as a family law practitioner have blossomed, I have developed a network of colleagues across the nation with whom I collaborate and refer cases, and I am blessed to have assumed several leadership roles within the section.  I am thankful to the visionaries who created the Fellowship, and I am committed to continue to support it for the rest of my career."

Kelli Hooper, Fellow 2015-2017