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23-24 Committee Chair Leadership Resources

The information provided on this page is intended to assist leaders in the ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources. Information contained on this page can also be found in the appropriate SEER ABA Communities files.

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2023-2024 Committee Chair Leadership Training

The Committee Leadership Training webinar was  held on July 21, 2023 to ensure that substantive committeee chairs have all the resources they need to start the new ABA year on the right path. The training presentation provides you with more information about your role and how to get things done for your Committee, including an understanding of the roles of the Vice Chair positions.

You can find the PowerPoint presentation slides from the 2023-2024 Committee Chair Leadership Training here

Committee Groups

Two Council members will serve as liaisons to each of the Section’s three Substantive Committee groups identified as Group A, Group B, or Group C. The Substantive Committee Liaisons are to (1) encourage and mentor the Substantive Committee chairs and vice chairs so that they can be more productive in their Committee work, (2) assist the Substantive Committee Chairs with development and delivery of information to Section members, (3) facilitate the flow of Section information between the Substantive Committee chairs and the Section leadership, and (4) facilitate the exchange of ideas and themes of Section content. The Substantive Committee Liaisons will schedule regular calls with their groups. 

Group A:  

  • Enforcement and Litigation   
  • Environmental, Social, Governance, and Sustainability        
  • In-House Counsel      
  • Pesticides and Chemicals       
  • Superfund and Cost Recovery
  • Transactions and Brownfields Redevelopment
  • Waste and Resource Recovery

Group B: 

  • Biodiversity    
  • Food and Agriculture 
  • Forest Resources        
  • Indigenous Law         
  • Mining 
  • Oceans and Coasts
  • Oil and Gas
  • Public Land and Resources
  • Water Quality and Wetlands
  • Water Resources

Group C: 

  • Air      
  • Climate Change         
  • Energy
  • International Law      
  • Nuclear Law
  • Project Development
  • Science and Technology

Key Issues

Identify the "key issues" facing your committee during the 2023-2024 ABA year. Are there big rule-makings around the corner? Cases headed for the Supreme Court which will redefine your practice? Ongoing state or local controversies that will continue to be the basis for committee programming? Please let Section leadership know by completing this form. Submissions are due by August 31, 2023.

2022-2023 Key Issues are posted here.
2021-2022 Key Issues are posted here.
2020-2021 Key Issues are posted here.

Progress Reports

Four committee progress reports will need to be submitted by each committee during the ABA year. Chairs will be notified via ABA Communities when a report is due. Committee reports that have been submitted this year and during the last two ABA years are linked below. The final progress report each year is a chair transition memo. If you would like a copy of the transition memo for your committee, please contact Section staff.




2023-2024 Vice Chair Appointments

Appoint Vice Chairs (VC): On the July 21 Committee Leadership Training webinar, Chair-Elect Jeff Dennis shared information about the substantive committee vice chair roles for the new bar year. Vice chair appointment are due by August 21, 2023. Please use this form to submit your vice chair appointments if you haven't already done so. (Microsoft Word document download.) On this form report the full name, vice chair position, firm/organization, mailing address, phone, and e-mail address for all your vice chair appointments. 

  • All vice chairs must be members of the ABA and the Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources at the time of their appointment. All vice chairs will be appointed for a one-year term beginning at the conclusion of the ABA Annual Meeting in August 2023 through August 2024.
  • At least one vice chair should be a young lawyer (under 36 years old or admitted to practice for five years or less).
  • Law students may serve as vice chairs.
  • Multiple people may share the same vice chair role.

View 2023-2024 vice chair roles and responsibilities here. 

2022-2023 Section Leadership Directory

The 2022-2023 ABA SEER Leadership Directory provides contact information for those serving in leadership positions (council, chairs, vice chairs, etc) in this ABA year. You must be a Section leader in good standing to view the directory.