Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources

Section Staff

Dana Jonusaitis
(312) 988-5602
Section Council, strategic planning, budget and finance, sponsorships, ABA relations, committee development

Associate Director - Vacant (Please direct questions to Dana Jonusaitis or Valentia Sundell)
Section programming, meeting management, Education Service Group, Programs Vice Chairs, marketing and communications

Ellen Rothstein
(312) 988-5576
Publications Manager
Natural Resources & Environment (NR&E), Trends, The Year in Review, committee articles, Publications Service Group, publications vice chairs, Section books and related products, ABA Publishing liaison

Kevin Gordon
(312) 988-6256
Membership Associate
Membership recruitment, retention, and recognition. substantive committees, Membership Service Group, Membership Vice Chairs, outreach committees, public service, Section awards, Leadership Development Program, Law Student Scholars

Valentia Sundell
(312) 988-5642
Program Assistant
Section program support, virtual learning, co-sponsorships, sponsorship support, CLE liaison, general Section inquiries, Programs Vice Chairs

Zoya Ali
(312) 988-5797
Marketing and Technology Specialist
Section website and web board, social media, email marketing, SEER Connect, meeting app, Communications Vice Chairs

General Information

American Bar Association
Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources
321 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: (312) 988-5625
Fax: (312) 988-5572