September 17, 2018

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Reform

Pesticides, Chemical Regulation, and Right-to-Know Committee TSCA Reform Special Edition Newsletter (September 2016)

  • From the Chair
  • From the Editor
  • New TSCA and EPA’s Enhanced Testing Authority
  • New Chemicals under New TSCA
  • Is the Section 5 Review Period Fixed or Flexible in New TSCA?
  • New TSCA—Existing Substances
  • Implementing the 2016 TSCA Amendments
  • 2017 “Reset” of New TSCA Inventory Will Affect All Chemical Users, Not Just Manufacturers
  • Changes Regarding Confidential Information in New TSCA
  • Preemption under New TSCA
  • New Fees Provisions in New TSCA
  • Weight of Evidence in New TSCA
  • PBT Actions under New TSCA
  • New TSCA and “Articles”
Section Book

New TSCA: A Guide to the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act and Its Implementation

Lynn L. Bergeson and Charles M. Auer, Editors

With the passage of the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act on June 22, 2016, the main body of chemical management law in the United States changed dramatically. This guide summarizes the new law, highlights the changes that will have the greatest impact, and offers pertinent analysis on the implementation of the new law.

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Why Do You Care?: A Practitioner’s  Perspective

Working through its Pesticide, Chemical Regulation, and Right to Know (PCRRTK) Committee, Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER) in 2014 developed a variety of resources for TSCA stakeholders interested in participating in the TSCA reform debate.  These resources promoted greater awareness, understanding, and dialogue on TSCA as the reform efforts were underway.