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March/April 2024

53rd Spring Conference on Environmental Law

Anna Kuperstein


  • Come to the 53rd Spring Conference to take part in the conversations shaping our practice, whether you are an experienced practitioner or in the beginning stages of your practice. 
  • This Conference will feature a track of panels on regulating across jurisdictions, a litigation workshop, and case summary presentations by junior SEER members. 
53rd Spring Conference on Environmental Law
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Practitioners in the environment, energy, and natural resources space are often considered specialists—the ones with deep knowledge about discrete issues. But this archetype does not do justice to the multidimensional nature of our practice area. The modern practitioner must transcend any specialty to provide effective counsel and inspired guidance. Our daily work requires us to have interdisciplinary conversations, consider differing perspectives, and develop strategies that satisfy multiple priorities. How do we demystify the thorniest intersections of law, science, and policy for audiences outside of our practice area? How do we identify a client’s true needs and propose appropriate solutions? And how do we engage the next generation of practitioners who will shape the future of the practice? This work calls for us to continuously expand our ability to communicate and connect. And as our world changes, so must we: processing the latest developments, embracing evolving norms, and growing in ways that are both challenging and exciting.

In the spirit of our individual and collective growth, the ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER) welcomes everyone to vibrant Chicago, Illinois, for the 53rd Spring Conference on Environmental Law from April 3–5, 2024! 

As you review the agenda, we invite you to look beyond the statutes and regulations that dominate your daily work, and consider the topics from another angle:

  • If you translate trends into actionable guidance for the C-suite . . .
    • Go to: Panels on EPA’s evolving enforcement tools, global shifts in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) space, and Supreme Court cases that could alter the bounds of administrative authority.
  • If you advise teams on complex projects . . .
    • Go to: Panels on contradictory frameworks steering the energy transition, and how states shape implementation of federal statutes like the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act.
  • If you work with subject matter experts . . .
    • Go to: A litigation workshop on using unique types of evidence, like Indigenous Knowledge.
  • If you predict future shifts that could create new challenges . . .
    • Go to: Panels on liability mechanisms for historical PFAS, regulatory pathways for emerging microcontaminants, and balancing the energy transition against national security.
  • If you look ahead to the future of our profession . . .
    • Go to: Panels on practical approaches to environmental justice and the ethical implications of artificial intelligence for lawyers.

This conference will feature several new elements. A special track of panels will focus on the obstacles to regulating across multiple jurisdictions. Our litigation panel will give attendees a chance to flex their advocacy muscle in a workshop setting. In line with our commitment to engage Section members in the beginning stages of their practice, two panels will begin with case summary presentations by a law student and a young attorney that attendees can use in their own practices.

As always, the conference will deliver insights from top speakers including state and federal regulators, leading scholars, and in-house counsel. We will offer opportunities to support the Section’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) work, such as the Beginnings and Belonging reception and the DEIB-in-Action Lunch, a networking event geared toward diverse law students. And after the first day of panels, dine arounds will let attendees experience the food scene in the heart of Chicago.


While you were sleeping, the Planning Committee assembled an incredible program with high fidelity. From the breakfast club to the running club, each day offers opportunities to connect with the big shots in the league. So don’t stay home alone with the blues brothers! Join us for good times in the real world: Chicago. SEER members know they’re in a league of their own, and we’re shameless about it. There are no mean girls among us—we’re an empire of welcoming practitioners who know that our environmental law family matters. Get there using planes, trains, or automobiles, and you’ll find that perfect strangers can quickly become good friends.