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January/February 2023

Essential book on sustainability now available!

Susan Lynne Stephens


  • This book aims to help anyone in the legal profession find more and better on-ramps to engage in sustainable development in their particular law practices and communities.
  • Provides quotes show that the book can positively impact the practice of law for decades to come.
Essential book on sustainability now available!
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"This is a great leadership guide for lawyers. The test for any lawyer is ethics, leadership, and sustainable development." 

— Leon E. Panetta, Chairman, Panetta Institute, former U.S. Secretary of Defense
"The urgency to integrate sustainability into the forefront of business decision-making has never been greater, and this book uniquely contributes to this goal.”

 — Roger Martella, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, General Electric; former General Counsel, EPA
“This is a must read for any attorney or legal professional who needs the easy, quick, how-to on integrating sustainable development within legal practices.”

— Gayatri Joshi, Executive Director of the Law Firm Sustainability Network and Vice President of Vorgate LLC
“This book provides an empowering blueprint for any lawyer seeking to integrate climate justice into every dimension of their work.”

—Tim Hirschel-Burns, Amelia Keyes, and Devin Oliver, Law Students for Climate Accountability

Law students and lawyers alike have nothing but praise for ABA’s new book, Sustainability Essentials: A Leadership Guide for Lawyers. The above quotes show that the book can positively impact the practice of law for decades to come.

ABA Book Publishing, courtesy of the Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, has just released the essential primer on how to navigate the practice of law—and life—in a sustainable way. Sustainability Essentials: A Leadership Guide for Lawyers is for you if you went to law school—or are going to law school or considering law school—to help move society and the law profession in a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable direction, to protect life on the planet, and to make life better for present and future generations. It is also for you if you did not have this goal in law school, but you now want to incorporate sustainable development into your practice.

Sustainable development is a relatively new legal perspective, one that demands practice, patience, persistence, and great attention to what clients actually want and need. Best practices for sustainable development in law practice are a work in progress, and leadership matters. This guide aims to help you on your journey, and to help you succeed in making your goals a reality.

With their book, renowned scholars John C. Dernbach, commonwealth professor of environmental law and sustainability director of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Center at Widener University, Matthew Bogoshian with ProLawCLE, and Irma Russell, the Edward A. Smith/Missouri chair in law, the constitution and society professor of law at University of Missouri-Kansas City, bring a fresh and practical approach to incorporating sustainable development into the daily practice of law.

“I am heartened to see a new generation of lawyers seeking to be effective in advancing sustainable development goals in their daily life work. In this book they will find both theory and practical ideas for making a difference.”

— Mary D. Nichols, former Chair, California Air Resources Board
“If law is the heart of the legal practice, then sustainability may well be its soul, moving lawyers toward a legacy of conscious commitment to vital and necessary change to transform society. This guide, by three of the most well-known sustainability, leadership, and ethical practitioners in the country, is a helpful walking stick on the pathway to sustainability.”

— John C. Cruden, former Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

Get your copy today! The book is available for purchase on the ABA’s website.