March 01, 2017

Views from the Chair: The premier forum and the rule of law

Seth A. Davis

The past few months have not exactly been the cruise I signed up for. Now is a most challenging time to chair the premier forum for environmental, energy, and resources lawyers, as part of an organization that strives to serve equally its members, our profession, and the public. The ABA is defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession and includes among its goals the advancement of the rule of law. Yes, those are quotes from the Section’s and ABA’s mission statements, both of which I consult on a frequent basis. What does it mean, in our current situation, to be the premier forum for our specialty areas? As the national representative of the legal profession, what does it mean to defend liberty and deliver justice? What does it mean to advance the rule of law? I struggle with these questions every day, and those concepts guide my actions as Section chair.

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