July 01, 2017

Trump seeks to uproot the Obama climate change agenda, but can he succeed?

Jim Rubin and Derek Furstenwerth

President Trump is critical of climate regulation. During the 2016 elections, then-candidate Trump promised to end the “war on coal,” kill the Clean Power Plan, and pull the United States from the United Nations Paris accord. He appointed as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who led state efforts to overturn the Clean Power Plan and other regulations. But the president’s most comprehensive effort to reverse course on climate regulation came in his March 28 Executive Order 13783, Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth (EO). In that EO, President Trump went beyond his campaign promises, rooting out nearly all his predecessor’s measures to integrate climate-related mitigation and adaptation into federal policy. This article focuses on the major elements of the EO and how these may play out, particularly with respect to the Clean Power Plan.

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