September 01, 2012

Statement from Section Chair on move to all-electronic Trends

Alexandra Dapolito Dunn

The September/October 2012 Trends is the first all-electronic issue of our Section newsletter. We are confident that you will continue to enjoy the wide range of timely and interesting articles and news items. More importantly, we hope that you will appreciate the new features available through the electronic format, such as hyperlinks to primary documents and related materials, and the ability to read Trends issues across multiple platforms—desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.

The move of Trends to an all-electronic format is part of the Section’s strategy to provide more useful, modern, and effective publications to our members through electronic publishing. The electronic format enables us to innovate and to continue to increase the usefulness of our Section benefits. The Year in Review will become an all-electronic publication with its 2012 edition, and Natural Resources & Environment is now available electronically in addition to the print format.

We will appreciate any suggestions you might have for further improving Trends. Please feel free to contact Seth Davis, Section Publications Officer, or Norman Dupont, Trends Editor-in-Chief.

Alexandra Dapolito Dunn

Alexandra Dapolito Dunn is the executive director and general counsel of the Association of Clean Water Administrators.