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As a member of the Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, you can view current and past issues of Natural Resources & Environment online. Each issue contains all articles found in the paper copy, created in .pdf format. Past issues dating back to 2002 can be found in the archives page. You will need to sign into the ABA Web site in order to view NR&E.

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Science & the Law
Spring 2017
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Natural Resources & EnvironmentResilience
Winter 2017
Natural Resources & EnvironmentWater Conflicts
Fall 2016
Natural Resources & EnvironmentPublic Resources Public Conflicts
Summer 2016
Natural Resources & EnvironmentEnergy in the 21st Century
Spring 2016
Natural Resources & EnvironmentEnforcement and Compliance
Winter 2016
Natural Resources & EnvironmentEnvironmental Economics
Fall 2015
Natural Resources & EnvironmentRules & Guidelines
Summer 2015
Natural Resources & EnvironmentToxics
Spring 2015
Natural Resources & EnvironmentSpecies
Winter 2015
Natural Resources & EnvironmentTransactions
Fall 2014
Natural Resources & EnvironmentInternational Environmental Issues
Summer 2014
Natural Resources & EnvironmentSupreme Court
Spring 2014
Natural Resources & EnvironmentWaste
Winter 2014
Natural Resources & EnvironmentFood
Fall 2013
Natural Resources & EnvironmentScience and Technology
Summer 2013
Natural Resources & EnvironmentLandscape Protection
Spring 2013
Natural Resources & EnvironmentExtraction
Winter 2013
Natural Resources & EnvironmentExtreme Weather
Fall 2012
Natural Resources & EnvironmentFederalism
Summer 2012
Natural Resources & EnvironmentRetail
Spring 2012
Natural Resources & EnvironmentComplex Systems
Winter 2012
Natural Resources & EnvironmentOil & Gas
Fall 2011
Natural Resources & EnvironmentAgriculture
Summer 2011
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Natural Resources & EnvironmentRenewable Energy
Spring 2011
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NR&E is published quarterly, by season. Each issue publishes 8 to 10 feature articles reflecting the theme of a given issue. Regular departments include Insights, featuring short articles on hot topics in environmental, energy, and resources law; Literary Resources, featuring reviews of books and periodicals of interest to the environment, energy, and resources bar; and Interviews, featuring conversations with leaders in the environment, energy, and resources fields. For more information regarding this publication, please visit Writing for Section Publications.