November 13, 2019

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Reviewed by Madeline June Kass



Barry Lopez

Alfred A. Knopf, 2019

Horizon, by Barry Lopez (National Book Award–winning author of Arctic Dreams), offers an expansive, meditative, 500-hundred-page journey back and forth through time and across diverse geographic, geologic, and cultural landscapes. An “autobiographical reflection” on the author’s life of travel and research in Antarctica and in more than 70 countries, Lopez details his journeys, the journeys of past explorers (famous, infamous, and relatively unknown), and the knowledgeable—but often disrespected or disregarded—indigenous peoples encountered. Woven into the recounting of these histories, Lopez describes the great beauty and wonder of the places he has traveled with lyrical, evocative prose, and shares personal insights, lessons, cautions, and questions about of the future and fate of humanity and the planet. With a combination of scholarly detail and storytelling, Lopez takes readers on a journey of mind and spirit.

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