April 23, 2019 Insights

The Land-Use Solution to Climate Change

Jim Murphy

As another year passes with more shocking extreme weather-related disasters, the urgency of solving climate change collides with the reality that climate change is upon us and will get increasingly worse. From the horrors of the fires that raged in California in 2018 to the brute force of Hurricane Michael that caused catastrophic damage in the Florida Panhandle before sweeping northward, it is clear that Mother Nature’s fury is now super-fueled by a rapidly warming planet, and we are far from having the matter under control. While the Trump administration ludicrously blames tragedies like the deadly Camp Fire in northern California on a failure to thin forest growth and vigorously rake, scientists report that the unfettered wrath of a warmer world is closer and more perilous than we thought even a couple years ago.

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