November 15, 2018

Tribal Renewable Energy Service Companies, Part 3

Dean B. Suagee

If there is a Holy Grail that will reverse the trend of global warming, it is no single thing. Rather, it must be a complex mix of technologies, legislation, regulations, market forces, political will, and grassroots movements. One facet of such a Holy Grail is a transition away from vehicles powered by fossil fuels burned in internal combustion engines and toward electric vehicles with batteries charged by the wind and the sun. Moving beyond the internal combustion engine also includes better land use planning for walkable communities, bike paths, and public transportation. But, of course, we love our cars, pickups, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and the technology that appears to offer the most near-term potential for light vehicles is to switch to electric power. Evidence is mounting that this transition is a global trend. Madeline June Kass, The End of the Road for Gas-Powered Automobiles?, 32 Nat. Resources & Env’t no. 4, Spring 2018, at 53.

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