November 15, 2018

Environmental Rule of Law Index: A Task Force Pilot

Howard Kenison and Sarah Chamness Long

The World Justice Project (WJP) is an independent multidisciplinary organization that seeks to advance the rule of law worldwide. The rule of law is the foundation for development, transparent government, and respect for fundamental rights. More specifically, for the environment and energy, the application of the rule of law is essential for environmental protection, clean water, clean air, and economic growth––the very foundation for human rights and dignity around the globe. Environmental, energy, and natural resource problems often affect geographic ecosystems, such as air emissions and discharges to watersheds, resource impacts that are not coterminous with national boundaries. When that occurs, the enforcement (or lack of enforcement) of environmental protection laws in one country can affect the ability to protect the environment in another nation. In short, when pollution laws are ignored or are unfairly enforced in any country, the global environment may suffer.

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