Can Relinquishing Control Restore Our Urban Waterways?

Can Relinquishing Control Restore Our Urban Waterways?

Unconventional approaches to designing and managing urban waterways can better serve our goals. We simply need laws that are up to the task.

Refrigerant management has been ranked first out of 100 strategies with the potential to reduce greenhouse gases.

A judicial decision broadly interpreting the Environmental Rights Amendment in Pennsylvania to require environmental protection for the benefit of the public trust may have ramifications in future climate change decisions.

Does government waive its ability to issue water-quality certification under the CWA where there is no “final decision” within one year of an administrative appeal?

A new viewpoint for natural resources law considers the perspective of miners who extract the natural resources from the ground.

Waste minimization, recognized as an efficient approach to conserving resources, is not widely recognized for carbon dioxide, despite its valuable product properties.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed EPA’s action on the controversial pesticide, chlorpyrifos.


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