January 01, 2016

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JoAnne L. Dunec


International Environmental Law and the Global South

Shakwat Alam, Sumudu Atapattu, Carmen G. Gonzalez, and Jona Razzaque, eds.
Cambridge University Press, 2015

It is not commonly realized that the damage presently being done to the environmental rights of future generations is unprecedented in human history. The environment is being damaged not merely on a global scale but also across all barriers of time, for the damage now being done will last for thousands of years.

—Judge Christopher Weeramantry, Foreword, International Environmental Law and the Global South

This book examines international environmental law from the perspective of the global South in terms of the North-South divide, and as noted in Chapter 1, it “is the first volume that examines the North-South divide in international environmental law in its historical context.” As described in Chapter 1,

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