January 01, 2014

The Leading Edge

Laurie Ristino

Second Thoughts

Intueri (latin): to look inside or to contemplate.

The first lesson of motherhood I learned was to trust my instincts. When I didn’t, I would either regret it or spend time researching and mulling just to end up at the same basic conclusion. I wrote “instinct,” but I could have easily said “intuition” or “gut feeling.” I think the term “intuition,” often associated with women’s emotions, has, coincidentally, become something of a pejorative. But, the fact is, our intuition—or, more accurately, our immediate response for which we cannot articulate a rationale—is necessary to our functioning and a critical component of our decision making. Contrary to the Platonian idea that our brain is comprised of warring factions of reason and emotion, our emotional responses are based upon the data of experience. This is what modern neuroscience has taught us. A stream of books has popularized some of science’s recent findings in this regard. Perhaps the most well-known is Blink by Malcom Gladwell.

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