October 01, 2013

Land Use Disputes

Nolon, S.F., Field, P., Ferguson, O., “Call and Response: Dealing with Resistance to Collaborative Decision Making in Land Use Disputes,” Vol. 36, No. 7 Zoning and Planning Law Report (July/August 2013), issued by Thomson Reuters, provides eleven objections raised by public officials to collaborative decision making in land use disputes and provides rationale for overcoming each one and a proposed response. While the collaborative process is not usually necessary for non-controversial land use decisions, the authors note that, “[c]ollaborative processes have been used to improve land use decisions that often generate significant controversy within local communities.” However, note the authors, “[o]fficials can come up with many reasons that argue against greater citizen participation and involvement” and their objections “are continuations of the common refrain: ‘We can’t do that because. . . .’”

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