October 01, 2013

Food Insecurity Impacts on the U.S. Poor as the World Warms

Helen Kang

Studies exploring the vulnerability of human populations to climate change-induced food insecurity have understandably focused on developing nations, where 98 percent of the world’s hungry are. The threat to food security in those regions is indeed a critical issue as climate change affects every aspect of food security: food availability or amount of food production; food access, which refers to the ability of a person or community to acquire an adequate supply of available food; utilization or the ability to attain necessary nutrition from the acquired food; and stability, which refers to the ability to consistently access food in adequate amounts. See Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Climate Change and Food Security: A Framework Document, Defining Terms and Conceptualizing Relationships 3, U.N. Doc. K2595/E (2008) [hereinafter, “U.N. Framework Document”] (definition of food security).

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