May 29, 2019

Energy Regulatory Considerations Regarding Emerging Blockchain Technologies in the Electricity Industry

Mark Sundback, James Gatto, Kenneth Wiseman, Andrew Mina, William Rappolt, and Mark Patrick

Blockchain technology and smart contracts have the potential to become major disrupters in the energy industry. For example, these technologies may help facilitate the automation of some or all aspects of the electricity delivery transaction chain and allow for more decentralized, efficient electricity markets. Further, these technologies may allow end users (such as homeowners) to play a more active role in the electricity markets beyond simply relying on their local utility company to supply their electricity demand. Thus, blockchain technology could fundamentally change the way electricity is supplied and consumed in wholesale (i.e., the sale of electricity for resale) and retail (i.e., the sale of electricity to an end user) markets over the next several decades. 

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