July 23, 2019

Climate Change Litigation: A Way Forward

Irma Russell and Katie Killen

Over the last decade, increased scientific consensus and public concern have led to an increase in climate change litigation. The database compiled by Columbia Sabin Center for Climate Change Law made in collaboration with Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP shows a wide variety of plaintiffs in climate change litigation, including state and local governments, trade associations representing food and fishing interests, youth and young adults, and others. Climate Change Litigation Databases, http://climatecasechart.com/search/ (last visited June 28, 2019). The cases rely on arguments of public trust, constitutional rights, and tort liability. This article briefly provides an overview of the climate change litigation, key arguments raised in these cases, the judiciary‚Äôs role in these actions, and potential benefits beyond the outcomes of particular cases. 

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