Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources

Earth Day

Join SEER in celebrating Earth Day every day!

Earth Day is an opportunity to join together as individuals, corporations, and governments to help create a greener and healthier environment for ourselves and future generations, but every day can be Earth Day! You can help by:

Contributing to SEER projects and educational programing

SEER organizes public service projects each year. Recent projects include tree plantings and trash clean-up events. Annual SEER programs spread awareness about environment, energy, and resources law. Your contribution helps facilitate public service projects, deliver valuable educational content, and provide travel stipends to support law students; young lawyers; local, state, federal, and tribal government lawyers; academics; and others who need financial assistance to attend a SEER educational event.

Recognizing the efforts of others

Boost the profile of a person, organization, or group that has distinguished itself in environmental, energy, and/or resources stewardship by making a SEER award nomination. Nominations for the 2021 SEER awards will be accepted in late 2020.

Purchasing a carbon offset

Help reduce the carbon footprint of SEER programs. To offset carbon generated by your participation in a conference, we recommend contributing $20, offsetting approximately 1 metric ton of carbon emissions.

Join us in creating a greener environment on Earth Day and every day!

Tree planting project in Baltimore

Tree planting project in Baltimore