July 06, 2016

Public Service

Public Service

Public Service (pub' lik sur' vis) n.
An act of assistance or benefit to the community or people as a whole.

2013-2014 Co-Chairs:

Neil C. Johnston, Hand Arendall LLC, Mobile, AL
Susan M. Ryan, Ryley Carlock & Applewhite, Denver, CO

Upcoming Public Service Projects


Public Service Project: TreeUtah

Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Join us to beautify Salt Lake City's open spaces. Volunteers will get their hands dirty planting trees in one of Salt Lake County’s parks. Participating individuals will learn about the proper way to plant a tree in addition to all the benefits trees provide. This service project will make a lasting impact—we hope you’ll be a part of this fun event. This activity is part of the Section's One Million Trees Project. For questions, contact Julie McCullough, Program Assistant, at Julie.McCullough@americanbar.org.





Tree Planting
The Section has undertaken a five-year project with the goal of planting a million trees by 2014.  If you can't plant a tree in person, please consider making a contribution to one of the Section’s partner tree organizations. The Section’s One Million Trees Project will get credit for one tree planted for every dollar donated through the Section website.

How You Can Participate

Many public service activities are available to Section members and committees:

  • The Section organizes a public service project at every major meeting
  • Through the One Million Trees Project-Right Tree for the Right Place at the Right Time, the Section calls on ABA members to contribute to the goal of planting one million trees across the United States by 2014. This project is being carried out in partnership with a number of well recognized tree-planting organizations. The Section organizes tree-planting activities at major meetings; in addition, Section committees, as well as individual members and firms, can get involved in hands-on tree planting activities, or make contributions through the program partners that will be credited toward the Section’s total. So far, Section members have planted 43,000+ trees.
  • The ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge provides a way for Section members and their firms to participate in EPA programs that encourage energy conservation and waste reduction. To date 250+ firms have signed up for the challenge.
  • A variety of instructional materials are available that can be used to offer programs in schools, ranging from the elementary to the high school level. These include materials for mock trials and hearings, as well as basic instruction in environmental issues.