November 13, 2013

Government Attorney of the Year Award

Environment, Energy, and Resources Government Attorney of the Year Award

The Environment, Energy, and Resources Government Attorney of the Year Award will recognize exceptional achievement by federal, state, tribal, or local government attorneys who have worked or are working in the field of environment, energy, or natural resources and are esteemed by their peers and viewed as having consistently achieved distinction in an exemplary way. The award will be for sustained career achievement, not simply individual projects or recent accomplishments.

Michael J. MyersMichael J. Myers, Assistant Attorney General, State of New York

The Section is pleased to announce Michael J. Myers, Assistant Attorney General as the recipient of the 2013 Environment, Energy, and Resources Government Attorney of the Year Award.

Michael J. MyersMichael Myers, an Assistant Attorney General and Section Chief in the Environmental Protection Bureau of the New York Attorney General's Office, is one of the leading Clean Air Act advocates in the nation who has built multi-state coalitions of attorneys general committed to: fighting to protect state interests from ground-level ozone (smog), enforcing National Ambient Air Quality Standards, challenging upwind power plant owners under the New Source Review provision of the Clean Air Act, and trailblazing historical applications of the Clean Air Act to regulation of greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Myers has been at the center of the major air enforcement litigation cases of our time, some of which were decided by the U.S. Supreme Court (Conn. v. AEP) and the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals (American Farm Bureau Federation v. EPA; Miss. v. EPA; N.Y. v. EPA; White Stallion Energy v. EPA; EME Homer City Generation v. EPA; Coalition for Responsible Regulation v. EPA).  Myers has also successfully defended New York's interests in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) program, co-writing a motion arguing that a challenge to RGGI in state trial court should be dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.

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Nominees are likely to be currently serving, or recently retired, career attorneys for federal, state, tribal, or local governmental entities. Self-nominations will be accepted. Current Section Council members, officers, and ABA staff of the Section are not eligible for the award.

The deadline for nominations has passed.

The award will be presented at the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco. The recipient(s) must be present to receive the award. The Section reserves the right not to make the award if there are no suitable candidates.

1) Nomination Form – nominee and nominator names, addresses, firm/organization, telephone number, and e-mail address

2) Nominee’s Resume/Biography – nominee’s resume or similar summary document detailing the candidate’s professional and volunteer accomplishments during the nominee’s career

3) Nomination Narrative – a description of the specific accomplishment(s) that demonstrate significant achievement for which the nominee is being nominated and the time frame

4) Supporting Material – supporting documents of no more than 25 pages (exclusive of published articles written by the nominee; citations to same are acceptable and preferred), such as copies of media coverage of the accomplishments, proofs of past public recognition, or other materials that directly support the nomination

5) Letters of support – minimum of three letters of support from other individuals who can attest personally to the accomplishments for which the candidate is nominated

6) Nominator Statement – the nominator also must explain his or her familiarity with the nominee and the accomplishments in question and provide brief biographical information about the nominator