Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources

Addressing Inequality and Promoting Opportunity

The tragic killing of George Floyd and other police actions focused on African Americans and minorities call for reflection on how lawyers can recognize and address inequality and promote equal opportunity in their daily practice.

In July 2020, the ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER) held an event titled, “Addressing Inequality and Promoting Opportunity.” The event recording (accessible below) includes discussion from diverse leaders of the environmental, energy, and natural resources bar who are champions of inclusion and diversity. This important dialogue about perspectives and experiences includes constructive suggestions and tangible ideas on how to encourage and support diversity efforts in your own spheres. This community discussion focuses on how every attorney can be empowered to enhance diversity and inclusion in their practices, recognize and remedy bias in the workplace, and become champions of opportunity for all people. The recording concludes with a focus on how legal organizations such as SEER can play a heightened role in working to realize these important goals of equality and opportunity in our profession through heightened initiatives.

Video Recording

Audio Recording

Accessible here.

Event Moderators:
Karen Mignone, SEER Section Chair
Roger Martella, Incoming SEER Education Officer
Jeff Dennis, SEER Membership and Diversity Officer

Event Speakers:
Lynn Bergeson, Past SEER Chair
Marisa Blackshire, SEER Council Member
Monty Cooper, SEER Outreach Committee Vice Chair
Peter Gioello, SEER Council Member
Paula Glover, President & CEO, American Association of Blacks in Energy
Brenda Mallory, SEER Outreach Committee Chair
Jonathan Nwagbaraocha, Incoming SEER Membership and Diversity Officer
Pilar Thomas, SEER Native American Resources Committee Chair
Benjamin Wilson, Chairman at Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.