Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources

Member Benefits

The ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER) is the premier forum for strategies and information for environmental, energy, and resource lawyers, advisors, and decision-makers. SEER is a community of over 7,500 members with a wide range of professional interests. Annual SEER membership dues are $75 for ABA lawyer and affiliated professional members. Law students may join SEER at no cost. ABA membership is a prerequisite to join SEER. We invite you to join, connect, and learn with SEER!


  • Nearly 30 Substantive Committees — Members can join an unlimited number of committees that relate to their practice/interest area(s).
  • Leadership Development Program — This program offers many benefits that support SEER members interested in expanding a current leadership role or growing their knowledge of the Section so that they can assume a leadership role in the future.
  • SEER Socials — Members are invited to attend SEER Social networking happy hour events. Over 15 events are held virtually and in cities across the U.S. each year.
  • Section Source — Members receive a monthly email newsletter of late-breaking developments and SEER news.
  • Join SEER — You can join SEER online at or by contacting the ABA Service Center at or (800) 285-2221.

Connect with SEER

  • Member Directory — Members have access to the online SEER directory. SEER has over 7,500 members!
  • SEER Connect — Members can communicate with their peers on SEER Connect. Each of SEER's committees has a community in Connect that is used to discuss trends and developments on specific topics.
  • Write for SEER Publications — Members are encouraged to contribute to SEER publications. Writing opportunities range from a few paragraphs to many pages.
  • Leadership Opportunities — Members can boost their profiles by getting involved in SEER's work and becoming a SEER leader.
  • Speaking Opportunities— Panelists for webinars and in-person conference sessions are often SEER members. As a member, you can become more involved in SEER programing.
  • SEER Awards — Members are often recognized for their accomplishments through the SEER awards program, which recognizes individuals, entities, or organizations that have made significant accomplishments or demonstrated recognized leadership in the environment, energy, and natural resources legal area.

Learn with SEER

  • Natural Resources & Environment — Members can access this nationally recognized quarterly magazine with practical, informative articles.
  • The Year in Review — Members can access this comprehensive annual summary of judicial decisions, new legislation, and regulatory developments.
  • Trends — Members can access this bi-monthly newsletter with legal developments and SEER news.
  • Discounts on CLE Webinars — Webinars sponsored by SEER are only $40 for members (compared to $150 for non-ABA members). Programs vary from intro-level to expert-level.  SEER has several exciting programs coming up soon!
  • Free Non-CLE Webinars — SEER Committees frequently organize non-CLE webinars on substantive topics, which are free for SEER members.
  • CLE Conferences — The Section sponsors one-day conferences, in addition to the annual Spring and Fall Conferences. The Spring and Fall Conferences attract several hundred participants each year and include plenty of networking events, like a public service project and after-hours reception. SEER members receive advance notice of all programs and a reduced registration rate.
  • Savings on SEER Books — Our publications address complex issues in environment, energy, and resources law and will provide you with information that is practical, accessible, and insightful. Members can purchase books at a discounted rate.
 Join, connect, and learn with the ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources!

Join, connect, and learn with the ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources!