28th Fall Conference On Demand

28th Fall Conference: A Virtual Experience

Individual On Demand Sessions

Pre-Conference Webinars

Who Calls the Shots? Enforcement in the Midst of Federal Deregulation

Older or Wiser: NEPA’s Golden Years

28th Fall Conference: A Virtual Experience Sessions

October 19-27, 2020

Something’s in the Water: A Panel on Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems and the Effect of Litigation on These Precious Ecosystems

Before the Bench: An Update on the Significant Cases Shaping Environmental, Energy, and Resources Law

Pipe Dream to Transmission Machine: The Regulatory Life of an Interstate Pipeline

Unnatural Disasters: The Impacts of Climate Change on the Practice of Environmental, Energy, and Resources Law

Plastic Pollution: Responsibility, Liability, and Legal Solutions

The Road to Zero Carbon

Managing Transitions in Environmental Policy: Insights from the Regulated Community

Permitted Vices: Ordinary and Extraordinary Requirements for Expanding Industries

Don’t Go Chasing Ephemeral Streams and Isolated Wetlands: EPA’s Navigable Waters Protection Rule Sticks to More Traditional Jurisdictional Waters

An Interactive Administrative Law Experience: Effective Agency Engagement

Cybersecurity and U.S. Energy Infrastructure: Legal Frameworks to Address Emerging Security Threats

Boomtowns, Brownfields, and Superfund Site Redevelopment

PFAS: Laws, Legislation, and Litigation

Navigating the Changing Climate of Corporate Reporting

The Clean Air Act’s Risk Management Program: A Critical Regulatory Tool or Classic Administrative Overreach?

ETHICS: Identifying and Curing Conflicts (or How to Preserve Your Reputation and Avoid Costly Battles)