Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources

SEER Special Committee on Outreach

The ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources' (SEER) Special Committee on Outreach coordinates with communities within and beyond the ABA and offers the Section’s diversity of perspective and experience in environment, energy, and resources law to other entities within the ABA, to the international community, and to diversity bar organizations.

You can learn more about the committee's leadership and goals below. If you are not a member of SEER and would like to find out more about the benefits of joining, click here.

Committee Leadership

Bill Penny

Vice Chairs:
Monty Cooper, Diversity Bar Outreach and Engagement
Maram Salaheldin, Diversity Bar Outreach and Engagement
Erik Baptist, Congressional Relations
Richard Groeneman, State Bar Coordination and Engagement

Diversity Bar Outreach and Engagement

The Diversity Bar Outreach and Engagement (DBOE) vice chairs aim to increase the number of diverse attorneys who are ABA SEER members and who are active in SEER’s various committees and activities. DBOE works towards this goal by reaching out to diverse attorneys and various affinity groups throughout the country in order to encourage them to participate in various SEER-sponsored events and projects.

The DBOE vice chairs also assist in promoting the SEER Membership Diversity Enhancement Program (MDEP), which increases the number of SEER members who come from diverse backgrounds and diverse practice settings. The MDEP program offers selected participants a number of benefits, like 50% payment of their ABA dues and waived SEER dues. Lawyers who who come from diverse backgrounds and diverse practice settings and are not already SEER members are encouraged to apply for MDEP.

Congressional Relations

The Outreach Committee seeks to increase ABA SEER’s exposure to members of Congress, their staff, stakeholders, and the general public. We plan to accomplish this goal by creating a roster of ABA members who are available to talk with congressional staff as subject-matter experts, meeting with key staffers to offer the ABA’s intellectual resources through the roster and hosting panels on critical issues and raising awareness of the ABA’s Climate Resolution.

State Bar Coordination and Engagement

The State Bar Coordination and Engagement vice chairs are focusing on ways for SEER to engage with state and local bars.  This year, the vice chairs seek to build relationships with state and local bars in the following states: Arkansas, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, and Vermont.