Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources

Posting to a Committee’s SEER Connect Community

Creating a discussion post to a committee’s SEER Connect Community lets you communicate with its members. One needs to be a member of the community (committee) to post.

Posting can be done either of two ways:

  1. Log into committee’s SEER Connect Community and then click on “Discussion” in the green bar at the top. You will be taken to a page where you can either respond to a past Discussion post or create a new post. To create a new post, click on the green box (top right) labeled “Post New Message.” You will then reach a screen where you can type in your subject line and message. When ready to post, click on the green “Send” bottom at the bottom. Your post will then be emailed to the community’s (committee’s) members. Or
  2. Send a message to the email address assigned to the committee’s SEER Connect Community. An email to this address will create a Discussion post in Connect using the information included in your message and your post will then be emailed to the community’s (committee’s) members as above. This method lets you create a Discussion post without needing to log into Connect. A list of the Connect email addresses follows below.

Importantly, using either method to access and use ABA Connect, one is agreeing to follow the ABA Connect Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct.