Call for Articles

Stuart Spencer, Garrett Kral, Mike Sammartino, and Julia Casciotti

Call for Articles!

Do you like to write?   If so, this call is to you!

The Air Quality Committee of the ABA’s Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER) is inviting its members to post air-centric content to the Committee’s SEER Connect Community and/or to submit proposed articles for consideration for publication on the Air Quality “committee articles” page of the ABA website.

Do you produce online blog or case summary content for your firm, company, agency, college/university, non-governmental organization or other entity?  If so, please consider sharing that content with the members of the Air Quality Committee by pushing it to SEER Connect.  SEER Connect is an effective and efficient way to make quick postings to start discussion, to summarize new court decisions and agency actions, and to provide links to existing information elsewhere in situations where timeliness is an important consideration.  Our goal is to see air-centric uploaded content on a weekly basis.  With the amount of content our members are already generating, this should be a relatively easy goal to meet.

We’re also seeking proposals for articles to publish on our ABA committee page.  These articles will follow the guidelines of the ABA SEER Publication of Articles.  The guidelines limit these articles to be between 500-1500 words in length and require special editing, formatting, and review criteria.  Generally, these articles are substantive works that may approach a topic in some depth, as well as give our members an opportunity to publish.

If you’re interested in posting content via SEER, each committee, including the Air Quality Committee, has a page accessible through SEER’s website (see:

If you’re interested in submitting an article proposal, please e-mail Stuart Spencer at, Garrett Kral at, Mike Sammartino at, or Julia Casciotti at for more information.

We look forward to reading your content!