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Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is an opportunity to join together as individuals, organizations, and governments to help create a greener and healthier environment.

Make A Difference

Help Offset Carbon Emissions

SEER purchases carbon offsets to help reduce the carbon footprint of programs. To offset carbon generated by your participation in a conference, we recommend contributing $20, offsetting approximately 1 metric ton of carbon emissions.

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Get Involved in the SEER Pro Bono Initiative

Volunteer to participate in a pro bono project. Opportunities range from providing legal advice or conducting research for community-based projects to drafting and peer reviewing model legislation.

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Sustainability Initiatives and Public Service

Public service is an integral part of SEER’s mission. We hold projects at Section conferences and partner with other organizations on sustainability-related initiatives.

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Submit a SEER Award Nomination

Boost the profile of a person, organization, or group that has distinguished itself in environmental, energy, and/or resources stewardship by making a SEER award nomination. Nominations for SEER awards are due by May 31.

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Additional Resources

Sustainability Essentials: A Leadership Guide for Lawyers

Sustainability Essentials is a practice guide to help anyone in the legal profession find more and better on-ramps to engage in sustainable development in their particular law practices and communities.

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Global Climate Change and U.S. Law

This comprehensive examination of U.S. law as it relates to climate change completely updates and reconsiders material from the prior editions while also adding extensive new material.

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