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2023 Annual Conference

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Thursday, October 5

The Warhol Decision: Practical and Legal Effects of SCOTUS’ Recasting of the Fair Use Defense

Protecting the Athlete:  Obtaining Financial Security, Engaging on Social Media and Providing Protections for Minors in a Post-NIL World

Copyright Royalty Board:  What Works, What Doesn’t, and What’s Next?

Friday, October 6

Ethics Lessons from HBO’s Succession

Breakaway Sports Leagues and New Competitions: Challenges and Considerations for Launching a New League

Hollywood Labor Panel: What’s Happening / What Just Happened?

Globalizing Sports: Opportunities and Challenges for Sports Properties

AI, Technology and Cultural Conservation: Museums in an Era of Drone Warfare and Spy Cams

Pain and Suffering in Streaming World

Emerging Issues in Bankruptcy in the Entertainment and Sports Industries

Tech Innovation in Sports: Enhancing Venues, Marketing, and the Fan Experience

General Counsels Roundtable

Sound-a-like Issues: From Midler v. Ford Motor Co. to Astley v. Hauri

All on the Field: Exploring Sports Betting from a Variety of Perspectives

Future of Fashion IP

Mergers & Acquisitions in the Art and Entertainment Industry

Offshore Strategies for NFT Entities: A Primer for Art and Entertainment Lawyers

Global Neighboring Rights Issues 101 For Entertainment Lawyers

What’s On Next? Impact of RSN Breakdowns and Expectations for Future Sports Media Rights Deals

Saturday, October 7

Litigation Update

Growth and Monetization of Women’s Professional Sports

Plenary: Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Sports and Entertainment Industries