June 10, 2016

Resources for Division Chairs and Vice Chairs

The Forum's Division, Committees and Interest Groups will be opened to all Forum members beginning on June 2. In preparation, we need the following from all the Chairs:

  • Welcome Message and Photo
  • Webpage Content
  • Division Mission and Goals
  • Division Structure
  • Goals for the coming year
  • Planning/Project Calendar

Division Open Enrollment Taking Place This Week

All Division webpages must be approved and live for the launching.

Attached is a website status report in anticipation of this week's Division Open Enrollment.

Website Content Submission Form: Complete the electronic Website Content Submission Form and submit the form.  Your submission will automatically be transmitted to the Forum staff for processing.

Sample Division Descriptions Currently on File

Arts and Museums

The Arts and Museum Division explores a wide array of legal and business issues related to art, design, and museums. Led by preeminent practitioners of art, finance, tax, real estate, corporate and intellectual property law, the Division provides presents webinars and panels throughout the year, and offers practical skills and litigation updates. Division members include general counsel and attorneys advising artists and cultural institutions. Recent topics included Art and Sport – A Legal Framework for Defining Culture; Culture and Construction: Zoning for Art and Other Land Use Challenges to Museums and Cultural Development; and the Picasso Problem – Copyright Issues and The Google Art Project. The Arts and Museum Division frequently collaborates with other Divisions to draw upon and highlight the cross-disciplinary aspects of the Sports and Entertainment Industry Forum.

Digital Media and New Technologies

Digital media and New Technologies covers all aspects of the interactive media and new tecnology arts. This includes contracts with artists and composers, fund raising, rights clearances and labor relations.

Electronic Gaming

Division focuses on matters related to the interactive entertainment space. This includes information related to the business of the space and relevant policy and legal considerations. Within the structure of the Forum, it should provide insight into all of various platforms and means of distribution on which and through which interactive entertainment can be accessed.


No mission statement or description currently on file.

Licensing, Merchandising and Branding

No mission statement or description currently on file.

Literary Publishing

The Literary Publishing Division is concerned with legal and business issues affecting authors and publishers of literary works, including author-publisher contracts, literary agents, copyright, titles and trademarks, work made for hire arrangements, joint authorship and collaborations, First Amendment, libel and privacy, electronic publishing, and international marketing and treaties and foreign laws.


The Litigation Division promotes excellence in all areas affecting litigation in the entertainment and sports industries with the goal of furthering the knowledge of attorneys in all aspects of dispute resolution and litigation before judicial, quasi-judicial or administrative tribunals. This Division also seeks to provide members with resources and opportunities to help them be effective, competent and ethical advocates on behalf of their clients involved in the entertainment and sports industries and in the eyes of the public.

Motion Picture, Television, Cable and Radio

The Motion Picture, Television, Cable and Radio Division of the Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries concerns itself with the legal and related business issues of interest to practitioners in the motion picture, television, cable and radio industries. Certainly, in the current environment a substantial number of legal topics are relevant. Such topics include copyright, federal regulation and administrative practice, antitrust, unfair competition and trade practices, contract matters and legal issues involving new technology.

Music and Personal Appearances

The Music and Personal Appearances Division is concerned with all aspects of the contemporary music industry. Primary coverage includes recording and music publishing agreements, representation of performers, new technology in music delivery systems, and legal issues affecting live concerts and touring.


The Sports Division of the Forum on the Entertainment and Sports is concerned with a broad spectrum of legal and business issues impacting professional and amateur sport, including revenue generating subject matter such as sponsorship, licensing, and media transaction, to governance issues and litigation relating thereto, primarily in the areas of antitrust, labor, and contract. The Sports Division also covers issues relating to athlete-agents and issues common in intercollegiate athletics, such as Title IX compliance and amateurism issues.

Theater and Performing Arts

Description: The theatre and performing arts division focuses on all issues of live stage productions and other live performances in the United States and throughout the world. While Broadway remains an important part of the American theatre, Broadway-type stage presentations are flourishing in dozens of cities in the United States and abroad, and attorneys everywhere are likely to confront stage- related issues. Practicing in the area of the live stage means not only such specialized issues as royalty pools and billing credit, but consideration of much more general issues in the areas of, for example, securities law and finance issues, contract law, labor law, real estate law, immigration law, business law and international law.

What We Do: The legal and business issues the Division addresses concern owners of underlying rights, composers, lyricists and book writers, playwrights, performers, directors, choreographers, musicians, producers local presenters, designers, theater owners, cast album companies, merchandisers, and all the rest of the vast array of business and creative talent and facilities required to present an attraction live on stage. Copyright, title and other intellectual property issues are, of course, also of concern to practitioners in the field and to the Division.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

The Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Division's (VLA) purpose and mission is to promote and support the several Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts organizations across the country, to educate lawyers on pro bono service to the arts, and to connect entertainment and sports lawyers with VLAs to help provide experienced lawyers to artists and arts organizations with a need for legal services.

Forum Leadership Roles, Responsibilities, and Commitment

All members holding a Forum leadership position must sign a commitment form.

Governing Committee Members

The Governing Committee shall be composed of the Officers of the Forum and six (6) Members-at-Large. As used in these Bylaws, "Governing Committee Members" shall refer to the Officers and the Members-at-Large.

Division Chairs

Division Vice-Chairs

Committee Chairs

Interest Groups

Webpage General Structure

Each Division webpage will include:

  • Welcome message from the Division Chair
  • List of Division leadership (Chair, Vice-Chair, etc.)
  • Photos of leadership
  • Mission and Goals for the Division
  • Division Structure (working groups within the Division)
  • Why a member should join -- what do you offer? How can they become involved?
  • How to join the Division
  • Opportunities to take an active role in the work of the Division

See the webpage template for suggested structure

The following Interest Groups will also be opened to Forum members on June 2

The following Administrative Committees will also be opened to Forum members on June 2:

  • Book Publishing and Webinar Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Editorial Board
  • Membership Committee
  • Sponsorship Committee