Survivor Reentry Project

The Survivor Reentry Project raised awareness of criminal record remedies for survivors of human trafficking and helped build sustainable post-conviction representation practices across the country. The project continues its work through the Freedom Network, offering national training and technical assistance on criminal record remedies for trafficking survivors, public defenders, legal service lawyers, pro bono attorneys, victims' advocates, law students, judges, and prosecutors.

Workable Solutions for Criminal Record Relief: Recommendations for Prosecutors Serving Victims of Human Trafficking

In March 2019, the Survivor Reentry Project convened prosecutors with experience working with victims of human trafficking in the criminal legal system to share their knowledge and expertise on criminal record relief practices, and develop a set of guiding principles for prosecutors on criminal record relief for victims to ensure consistency and reliability for survivors attempting to access criminal record relief.

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Practice Tips for Service Providers

When conducting a comprehensive needs assessment for survivors of human trafficking, either in crisis or as part of long-term support plan, it is critical to incorporate a discussion of criminal legal involvement and needs. Many survivors have been arrested, often more than once, and their arrest records can greatly impact their stability, eligibility for services, programs, licenses, and jobs, and impede empowerment and well-being.