Enterprise Fund National Leadership and Training for Civil Legal Assistance to Victims of Human Trafficking


ABA Task Force on Human Trafficking

The ABA Task Force on Human Trafficking was created by ABA President Laurel Bellows in August 2012 to mobilize the legal profession to combat human trafficking through public awareness, advocacy, training and education.  The Task Force is chaired by Jimmy Goodman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma of the Section on Litigation and Linda Hayman from New York, New York of the ABA Business Law Section, and has 18 members who were appointed by President Bellows.  Profiles for each member are on this page.  The Task Force will coordinate with over a dozen ABA entities to address different areas of concern, such as corporate standards, pro bono, training, public awareness, legislation and legislative advocacy and children’s issues. 


ABA Policies

ABA Trafficking In Persons Resolution
Report on ABA Trafficking in Persons Resolution


Trafficking Victims Protection Act

Modern-Day Slavery: Important Information About Trafficking in Persons
(Vital Voices)

Human Trafficking Private Right of Action
(University of North Carolina School of Law)


For Children's Attorneys

Child Trafficking Victims' Routes to Federal Benefits
(U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops)


For Domestic and Sexual Violence Attorneys

Handbook in Human Trafficking
(Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence)


For Family Attorneys

Florida Responds to Human Trafficking
(Florida State University Center for theAdvancement of Human Rights)


For Immigration Attorneys

Guide for Legal Advocates Providing Services to Victims of Human Trafficking
(U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops)


Model Statutes

Components of a Comprehensive State Statute on Human Trafficking
(University of North Carolina School of Law)


State Human Trafficking Laws

U.S. Policy Alert on Human Trafficking
(Polaris Project)

U.S. Policy Alert on Human Trafficking Map
(Polaris Project)


2004 Annual Report on Trafficking in Persons
(U.S. Department of Justice)


Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance Fact Sheet
(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

LSC Eligibility Program Letter
(Legal Services Corporation)

Trafficking Protocols for Victims' Legal Advocates
(University of North Carolina School of Law)

Seeking Justice for Victims of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence: Civil Remedies and Other Relief
(ABA Commission on Domestic Violence)