Language Access

Language Access Resources from the Commission:

Conference Materials: National Institute on the Use and Integration of Interpreters in Civil Representation of Victims who are Limited English Proficient and/or Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing, May 14-16, Seattle, WA
Institute Materials:

 Standards of Practice for Legal Services for Victims of DV Who Are LEP and/or Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Working with Deaf Survivors of Domestic Violence
Deaf-Friendly DV/SA Programs
Identifying Whether an Interpreter is Needed & Tips for Working with an Interpreter
Questions to Ask When Qualifying an Interpreter
Examining Witnesses Through an Interpreter
What Court Interpreters Would Tell You if They Were Here
Wright & Gold, Federal Practice and Procedure: Party and Proceedings Interpreters
Considerations in Litigating a Civil Case with Non-English Speaking Clients
How to Effectively Establish Language Access at Your Organization
The Multilingual Access Model: A Model for Outreach and Services in Non-English Speaking Communities

eNewsletter Vol. 3- Working with Disabled or Deaf Clients

eNewsletter Vol. 10- Serving Deaf Survivors

eNewsletter Vol. 10- Working with Interpreters

eNewsletter Vol. 10- Working with Deaf Survivors of Domestic Violence

eNewsletter Vol. 10- Working Effectively with Limited English Proficient Clients: How Good Interpreter and Translation Services Can Improve Advocacy for Clients

Statutory Summary Charts:

Sign Language Interpreters in Court (8/2007)

Foreign Language Interpreters in Court (8/2007)
DV/SA Advocate Confidentiality Laws (8/2007)


Other ABA Resources:

ABA Standards for the Provision of Civil Legal Aid: Communication in the Primary Languages of Persons Served

ABA Report on Access to Justice (Language)

ABA Policy

1997Supporting the use of languages in addition to English to provide access to the justice system.
1997Recommending that all courts be provided with qualified, certified, professional language interpreters, and urging continuing education for judges and attorneys regarding interpreter use and selection.