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More About This Project

Trauma-informed representation is grounded in a commitment to survivor safety, choice, collaboration, and empowerment, and is foundational for effective and ethical legal services. At the same time, gender-based violence attorneys experience secondary and/or vicarious trauma at significantly high rates, particularly for those who also experience the multiple traumas of racism, transphobia, ableism, and other systemic oppressions. There is an urgent need to recognize and counter the traumas survivors and providers endure. This project will take a two-pronged approach and provide training and support attorneys to provide trauma-informed and culturally responsive services for survivors, and provide training and support to organizational leadership to institutionalize trauma-informed lawyering and vicarious trauma response.

Connect & Learn Monthly Calls

Monthly virtual meetings to connect on topics related to trauma-informed representation and trauma-informed organizations. Each call will include a brief presentation on a specific topic with time reserved for attendees to ask questions.

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Upcoming Trainings

Learn more about our upcoming trainings & webinars.

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Request Training & Technical Assistance

Contact the ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence for training and technical assistance around trauma-informed representation.

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