April 16 - June 25: Fleeing for Safety: Representing Battered Respondents in International Child Abduction Cases Under the Hague Convention

This three-part webinar series will introduce civil attorneys to the primary challenges and issues that may arise when representing a battered respondent in a petition for return filed under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (“Hague Convention”). The first webinar will focus on how respondents can prepare a defense against the prima facie case established by petitioners under the Hague Convention. The second webinar will explore the exceptions to return articulated under the Hague Convention, and offer attorneys information on how domestic violence relates to the Convention, as well as how to best preserve the record for appeal. The third webinar in the series will provide background information on domestic violence, its impact on children and parents, and the effect of abduction on children living in situations of domestic violence.

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June 2: Dividing Retirement Benefits at Divorce: Understanding the QDRO Process Part II

Divorced individuals–especially divorced women and/or survivors of domestic violence–are at a greater risk for poverty in old age. A share of a former spouse’s retirement benefit can help, but the process of dividing retirement benefits at divorce is very complex. Former spouses must obtain a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). However, many family law attorneys do not feel comfortable getting involved in the QDRO process because it involves knowledge of the retirement system and complex federal laws beyond state domestic relations law. This training will offer family law attorneys a deeper dive into QDROs and retirement plans, and how to overcome the obstacles that may arise in the process of obtaining a QDRO. Participants will also receive additional practice tips and techniques, with special considerations for attorneys representing victims of domestic violence, and have the opportunity to participate in an extended Q&A session.

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June 9: An Introduction to Assets in Family Law

Expert faculty will provide you with an overview of how to identify and categorize assets, and share practical tips for spotting complexities in cases regarding asset division. The session will be focused on attorneys representing domestic violence victims and will highlight specific litigation strategies and techniques.

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June 30: Dividing Retirement Benefits in Military Divorces

Divorces where one or both spouses are active or retired military personnel involve a variety of unique issues, one of which is the division of retirement benefits accrued during service. This webinar will provide family law attorneys an overview of the laws and regulations that govern military pension division; an inside look at how the military addresses civil legal matters; and an introduction to other benefits former spouses may be entitled to.

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July 9 - August 6: Strangulation Series

Three part strangulation series

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