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Lobbying for Non-Profits: You Can, You Should, Let's Talk About Why & How

February 13, 2024

Please note this is a past program.

Non-profit organizations working on the ground in communities are powerful storytellers for policy makers and play a vital role in educating decision-makers about the lived experiences of community members, and providing warnings of harm that may come from governmental action that is not rooted in the lived experiences of communities served.

Even so, many non-profit organizations are fearful of engaging in lobbying work due to fears of violating funding and ethics guidelines. This program will educate the audience about what lobbying is (and isn't), explain why lobbying is so powerful and important, and describe general lobbying rules and where to look for local guidance.

During this program, faculty also discussed effective lobbying strategies on federal, state and local levels, and provided examples of when and how to safely bring in community-based witnesses, including survivors of gender-based violence.