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Jane Zhi

Jane Zhi (she/her), Managing Attorney, ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence

Jane Zhi (she/her), Managing Attorney, ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence

What work do you do with the Commission?

I manage the grants side of the Commission’s work.  I help with drafting, updating, and putting on our webinars and multi-day trainings and institutes, and work on publications and resources for civil attorneys who serve victims & survivors nationwide.

What is your favorite part of working with the Commission?

I love supporting attorneys in the important work they do.  One of my favorite parts of my work is connecting attorneys with renowned experts in the field to provide one-on-one help with their domestic violence and family law cases.

What inspires you, professionally and personally?

I am inspired by the attorneys we engage with who are working on the ground, representing victims and survivors.  The work is extremely difficult and I am in awe of their dedication, drive, and commitment. 

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by my parents who came to the United States with very little yet enabled me to build and live a life I love.  

What is your favorite comfort food?  

Ethiopian food.

Why should someone donate to the Commission?

Your donation ensures that we can continue our work providing high-quality training and technical assistance to attorneys in the field.

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