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Judge James M. Riehl

What work do you do with the Commission?

I participate as a member of the faculty conducting training to both judges and attorneys on the work of the Commission.

What is your favorite part of teaching with the Commission?

There are two parts of teaching that are my favorite. Working with staff and faculty, who are the best and brightest in the country, makes me feel so proud and honored. In addition, I love the opportunity to engage and assist attorneys in their practice by providing a judicial perspective of their work.

What inspires you, professionally and personally?

On a professional level, I am inspired by the dedication of the Commission's staff and faculty in this important work, as well as the energy and courage attorneys show every day in representing survivors of domestic and sexual violence. On a personal level, I am inspired by my three children who make me proud by their words and actions every day.

Who inspires you?

All of those people in this country who continue to strive for what is right, and during times that make it difficult to do so. Their strength and dedication is truly inspiring.

What is something you are looking forward to in the future?

More time with my family and friends, in addition to travel

Why should someone donate to the Commission?

The Commission's work of training attorneys in representing victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence is the best in the country. Your contributions will assist in maintaining the level of expertise and thereby enhancing safety of their clients and families.

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