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Gillian Chadwick

Gillian Chadwick (she/her), Professor of Law, Washburn University School of Law

Gillian Chadwick (she/her), Professor of Law, Washburn University School of Law

What work do you do with the Commission?

I am a member of the training faculty.

What is your favorite part of teaching with the Commission?

I love the community of other training faculty and participants from across the country. I am so grateful for the learning and inspiration I find in that community. I also appreciate that the Commission staff always make the trainings so smooth and successful.

What inspires you, professionally and personally?

I am inspired by the resilience of survivors and the community we build together.

Who inspires you?

My clients.

What do you do to relax, de-stress or recharge your batteries?

Spend time with animals and in nature.

What is your favorite comfort food?  

Ice cream.

What are you currently reading?

Challenging Parental Alienation: New Directions for Professionals and Parents.

How can attorneys, judges, and advocates engage with the Commission?

Attend trainings, sign up for listservs, and look for opportunities to be involved..

Why should someone donate to the Commission?

The Commission is changing the landscape of legal services for survivors every day. I have been so grateful for the work of the Commission at every stage of my career.

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