April 07, 2021 Feature

Men in the Mix Report and Toolkit Released

The Commission on Women in the Profession released its newest report and toolkit, Men in the Mix, on March 1. The report comes out of focus group research that was conducted in New York City, Dallas, and San Francisco throughout 2019. Men and women discussed what obstacles their male colleagues faced when deciding to become allies for gender equity and what actions could be taken to successfully engage men on these issues. Notably, 83 percent of men said they believe their male colleagues do not work to advance women lawyers out of fear. Fortunately, 70 percent of men agreed that the best way to get them involved with women’s advancement is simply to ask them. Other findings include the following: 59 percent of men and 90 percent of women said they believe women do not have access to the same experiences necessary for professional success that men do; 54 percent of men and 65 percent of women reported that men do not know how to support their female colleagues; and almost a quarter of men volunteered that safe, judgment-free spaces for discussions about gender equity in the workplace would make them more likely to participate. Read the report and accompanying toolkit, which includes dialogue scripts for common situations and a multimedia presentation, at https://www.americanbar.org/groups/diversity/women/initiatives_awards/men-in-the-mix.