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March 31, 2023

2023 Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award Honorees

The 2023 Margaret Brent Awards Ceremony and Reception were held on Sunday, August 6th, at the Hyatt Regency Denver.

Congratulations to the 2023 Margaret Brent Award Honorees! 

These esteemed honorees were chosen because they carry forward the legacy of Margaret Brent.  Margaret Brent was the first woman lawyer in America. She arrived in the colonies in 1638.  She was a master negotiator, an accomplished litigator, and a respected leader. She was involved in 124 court cases over 8 years and won every case. In 1648, she formally demanded a “vote and voice” in the Maryland Assembly, which the governor denied. Over 250 years later, Harper’s magazine noted: “By this action, Margaret Brent undoubtedly placed herself as the first woman in America to make a stand for the rights of her sex." View a video about Margaret Brent's life here.

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