September 17, 2019

Women of Color Program Toolkit

From Visible Invisibility to Visibly Successful: The Women of Color Research Initiative Program Toolkit

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Welcome Letter from ABA Commission on Women

Chair Roberta D. Liebenberg


Toolkit Brochure - Why the Toolkit Was Developed and
How to Use It

Planning the Program

Ask your event planner(s) these four questions to ensure success.

Program Agenda - A conference agenda for either a 1½-hour or a 2½-hour program. Format, sequence of presentations, and segment options.  Also includes list of recommended topics for panel discussions and types of suggested speakers.

PowerPoint Slides - Customizable slides with talking points to use for programming and discussion.

Program Handouts - Executive summaries of two of the Women of Color Research Initiative's publications are available as handouts and may provide the necessary materials for CLE credit depending on your state's accreditation standards.

Written Scenarios and Discussion Guides - A library of written scenarios for large or small group discussion with a discussion guide for presenters.

Download individual scenarios/discussion guides

Video Scenarios - A library of videos of selected scenarios in action.

Speakers Bureau - Potential speakers and panelists

Marketing the Program

Program Description - Text that can be used to create a marketing flyer.

Social Media GuideHelpful tips for promoting your event on social media

Background Reading

Core Reading - The Women of Color Research Initiative's research studies provide in-depth background information:

Bibliography - List of additional resources for a more in-depth understanding of the research as well as potential solutions and strategies. To be distributed to speakers in advance of the conference as well as to conference attendees.

Evaluating Your Program

Additional Resources

Please also visit our Grit Project Program Toolkit here.