This Talk Isn't Cheap

Former Commission Chair Michele Coleman Mayes welcomes you to the Day of Conversation and This Talk Isn't Cheap toolkit. Watch the introductory video to your left to learn a little a little more about guided conversations, what these dialogues entail, and why they are important.

About the Day

The Day of Conversation invites interested organizations to commit to hosting on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, their own conversations to address equity within their workplace by using the This Talk Isn't Cheap toolkit. The purpose of the Day of Conversation is to build allyship, which will ultimately help to reduce bias in the legal profession. We hope you’ll join us virtually to start needed conversations within your communities that will help people create next steps in order to commit to race, ethnic, and gender equity.

Register to Participate

Commit to dialoguing about race, ethnicity, and gender in your legal organization on April 27th! Register your workplace here, get all the tools you need to have a thought-provoking event, and start planning your Guided Conversation. Contact Ashleigh Hill with any questions: ashleigh.hill@americanbar.org

Register - here!

Get the Toolkit

This Talk Isn't Cheap addresses the intersectionality of race/ethnicity and gender in the legal profession. Through structured dialogue women of color and white women can bridge gaps in understanding and build allyship to promote racial equity. Read the report to start thinking about the issues, then use the programmatic resources here to have your own guided conversation.