This Talk Isn't Cheap: the Report

This Talk Isn’t Cheap: Women of Color and White Women Attorneys Find Common Ground provides a guide to improving conversations about gender, race, and ethnicity, also referred to as intersectionality, so that all women can work together in combating the barriers to advancement in the legal profession. This report explores the reasons why women of color have feelings of mistrust toward their white female colleagues, while also addressing the challenges white women experience in attempting to understand the needs of their minority female colleagues.

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The Full Guided Conversations Toolkit

We wish you every success in planning and presenting your Guided Conversations program. It is through open and ongoing dialogue that we are able to foster a greater understanding and respect for one another. And through this dialogue, we are taking the critical steps to creating a more inclusive, just, and equitable society. You can find all toolkit materials in one place here!

Toolkit - resources

Presentation Slides

When hosting a Guided Conversations program with your legal organization or bar association, use these customizable slides to highlight the findings from the report.

Facilitator's Guide

Here is everything you will need to know in order to facilitate a Guided Conversations program, including sample questions and tips for maintaining respectful dialogue.

Facilitator's - guide

Video Vignettes

Themes from "This Talk Isn't Cheap," such as identity, brokenness, and poverty vs. privilege, were explored in video vignettes. Here you can see a synopsis of each eye-opening video. Click on each vignette's title to view the video.