Purpose of the Program

The primary purpose of Men in the Mix is a) to better understand why some men hesitate to join or support “women’s groups” and b) to give women additional tools and best practices for encouraging men to join the conversation on advancing women in the legal profession. This toolkit will address hurdles, psychological and otherwise, that men may face whether they're considering involvement in a women’s affinity group or just having a conversation about the disparities faced by their women colleagues. The content for the toolkit will be developed through four programs held across the country.

Why now?

Despite a nationwide push for more inclusive work places, women in the law still face obstacles to parity in leadership, power, and compensation, among other important career factors. Men in the Mix was developed to provide women lawyers with the crucial support they need to drive change in their firms, corporations, and other practice settings. Take a look at the alarming statistics below.

Fact #1

Fewer than one in five law firm equity partners is a woman

Fact #2

Experienced women lawyers have to work 73 more days than men, until April 14 of the following year, simply to earn what their male colleagues enjoyed on Dec. 31 of the year before

Fact #3

Only eleven percent of surveyed lawyers world wide said their firm implements implicit bias training